Praise and Caveat for Tim Rymel's Article on Evangelicals

In Huffpost, Tim Rymel writes, “The evangelical Christian message is loud and clear. They care for no one but themselves. Their devotion is to the version of Christianity they have created, which calls for ruthless abandonment of immigrants, women, children – even their own – and anyone else who doesn’t fall in line with their message. Social justice, which is mentioned in Bible verses over two thousand times, has been replaced with hardline political ideology. Principle over people. Indifference over involvement. Judgment over generosity.”

Rymel provides ample justification for his view, and I could not agree more. I have long been disgusted with the words and deeds of many of the most celebrated leaders of evangelicalism. Still, I must maintain that not all evangelicals are like these. In fact, the word evangel means “good news.” The evangelical message is all about the good news of God’s love shown in Christ Jesus. It is quite the opposite of abandonment of immigrants, women, children, and anyone else who doesn’t fall in line with some pet social agenda.

Based on my experience of the evangelical Christians with whom I worship and serve, I know there are many who show compassion and tangible support for immigrants, women, children, and others regardless of their religion or their stance on social issues. Would there were more. Unfortunately, like a virus spreading through both the Western and Muslim civilizations is the willingness of some to mask their lust for political power behind distorted versions of religion.

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