Aongus, your goat jumped the fence into my ass’s pasture again. You’ve got to do something about it.

Sure, Liam. Tell you what: To be fair, your ass is welcome to jump into my goat’s pasture any time.

You know my ass can’t jump that fence.

Well, maybe your ass is too fat. Did ye ever consider that, Liam?

Everybody knows asses can’t jump like goats, fat or not.

So build your fence higher. There’s plenty of rock on the island.

It’s not my fence, Aongus; it’s yours. You have a responsibility to keep your goat in his own pasture.

Now you know that fence is as much yours as mine. You’re the one with the problem, Liam; you have to fix it.

My pa, rest his soul, warned me not to pasture next to a goat man. You’re nothin’ but an old goat yourself, Aongus O’Dell.

And you’re an ass, Mr. O’Mordha.

(brief pause)

See you in the mornin’ then?

Soon as the dew’s dry.

We can get enough rock just below the road to build the fence a foot higher.

Aye, that’d do it... Or…

Aye! We could just knock down a section of the fence and let ‘em roam free between the two!

Aye, neighbor. I’m fer that. Much easier on the back and hands than hauling all that rough stone.

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