It is awe-inspiring to see the story of mankind being written. Of course, there are those who think it already has been written. Humanity and all of nature, it would seem to them, are merely acting out their roles to fulfill the script.

But consider for a moment that the Author may have launched His endeavor not with a specific plot in mind but with certain characters or character types in mind. Might He not then have put them together in an infinitely complex setting and given them exceptional freedom to direct their own story? The Author would cast His vision before these characters in several ways. The vision would be shaped by His theme, and this would be based on His purpose in creating, but the individual characters would choose on their own to follow or ignore or reject that vision, theme, and purpose. Thus, the characters would advance the Author’s purpose by their relative cooperation and understanding of the vision cast before them. Some, by their ignorance or rejection of the guidance, would make themselves foils against which the theme is established and clarified by contrast.

Allowing characters to take part in the development of their story would, in fact, make them not only characters but real persons in relationship with their Author, who is real. It would give life to their existence and meaning to their life.

So let it be. And so it is. So I believe.


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