April 14, 2018


The earth is just a crumb, he said,

dropped from some monster's mouth.

And the people are ants climbing over it,

and they tear it from north to south.


What a pitiful man he is, you say,

what a cynical point of view!

But if you had no other eyes but his,

you'd see the same thing, too.


The world is a candied apple, she said,

and life is a carnival,

So just take what you want when you want it and forget it;

Live your life and have a ball!


What a spoiled brat she is, you say,

what a selfish point of view!

But if your house was built with windows like hers,

you'd see the same thing, too.


The kingdom of God is like a loaf of bread,

and you are all spores of yeast,

And the Bread of Life grows wherever you go

from the greatest unto the least.

And again I say that the kingdom of God

is like a city built on a hill,

And it gives its light on a cold, dark night.

It always has, and it always will.


What a beautiful thought that is, you say,

how I wish it could be true!

Then if you will look through the eyes of the Lord,

you'll see the same thing, too. 


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December 26, 2017

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