Some people are on edge about what might lie beyond the edge. Marriage has reached the edge of its definition. Will the institution of marriage collapse now that it is opened to more people? And where is the edge of generosity? Many fear the rich will lose too much if the poor gain a little. Seeking security in wealth, they fear their abundance might not be enough for the future – like those on the Titanic lifeboats who feared they might rescue too many from drowning and be sunk themselves. Or those by Galilee Sea who feared they would not have enough food if they shared their lunches.

But here is a spacecraft sent beyond the edge of the solar system; here is a boy sent beyond the edge of caution with five loaves and two fish; here is Abram led by God beyond the edge of comfort to where he knew not; here is Moses looking over the edge of wandering into the Promised Land; here is Simon Peter sent beyond the edge of his faith community to the house of a Gentile.

And here we are at the edge of science, technology, social development, international relationships, and the edge of our tolerance for one another. Is there hope beyond the edge?

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