As we move into this election cycle, there are a couple of things we need to remember: In choosing to side with conservatives, liberals, or moderates, remember that conservatives are narrow-minded and backward. They are cold, judgmental folks, who care about no one’s welfare but their own. And liberals are worse. Liberals have no morals. They hate America, and want to see it overrun by Vandals and Visigoths. But it is the moderates who are the most disgusting of all. They are cowards who inhabit the middle of the road along with yellow stripes and dead skunks. Of course, each of these portrayals is absurd. They present each of the three primary political postures, not as they actually are, but as they are portrayed by their opponents. The fact is that you and I know plenty of open-minded, compassionate folks who are

conservative. There are even a few liberal men and women who actually love their country and teach their children to be morally upright. And some of those moderate types are in the middle precisely because they are honest and courageous enough to resist the over-simplified lure of the extremes. Wouldn’t it be a great world if all of us were as morally upright as the conservatives depict themselves, as open-minded as the liberals like to think they are, and as balanced as the moderates wish they were? My hope is that you and I will be perceptive enough not to believe the labels that are stuck on the candidates by their opponents, but to look behind those labels and read the true content of each individual. It is important that we choose the best leaders for our country, and the propaganda of the political parties and their surrogates may not be very helpful in making that decision. What will be helpful is for each of us keep our head on straight and our heart in the right place as we begin to consider the qualities most needed in the leadership of our nation.

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